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From 3 to 30 April 2023, the University of Latvia users have been granted trial access to one of the world’s most renowned data and statistics portal – Statista.

Statista offers information on more than 80,000 topics in 170 industries in different formats, such as statistics and reports, on its online platform. The available data is regularly updated with the latest available market information and is available in several languages, such as English, German, Spanish and French. Statista collects information from 22,500 different sources, i.e. from government institutions, international organisations, market research institutes, trade journals. An international team of experienced analysts develops its own market models, conducts surveys and in-depth analyses, and uses them as the basis for forecasts and key figures for various markets and industries. The information, which has been obtained from the surveys that Statista collects, is available too.

On the Statista platform, information can be searched by keywords and by sector, and it is also possible to refine the results by region, country, year, popularity, publication date, etc. Thanks to the wide range of topics, the information will be very useful to all UL researchers.

Users of the University of Latvia will have the opportunity to use Statista from anywhere by registering on the Statista platform with their UL e-mail. As a result, the user will be added to the license of the University of Latvia. When a profile is created, please check, whether there is a sentence "Connected to University of Latvia" on your account information (check "My Account", under "Connection").

We invite you to access the trial resource. Please send your feedback to or pass it here! Your feedback would be useful to evaluate the necessity of this resource for your study and research.