The Faculty of Biology is one of the 13 faculties of the University of Latvia. It offers higher academic education in biology in bachelor's, master's and doctoral programmes, as well as professional training in elementary school chemistry and high school biology teacher programmes.

85 years have passed since the beginning of the preparation of biologists at the University. During this time, both the name and structure of the faculty, as well as its location, have changed, teaching methods and forms have changed, as well as several generations of teaching staff and students.

But what unites all those who have studied biology? It is the desire to understand all living things, as well as the spirit of the biologist, that is taken away from studying biology. It is the ability to judge the course of life (not only life), the ability to find one's place in life. A true biologist is not a specialty, but rather a way of life. It is probably not a coincidence, but a natural phenomenon that many graduates of the Faculty of Biology are now well known not only as successful scientists and biology educators, but also as poets and writers, artists and musicians, politicians and businessmen, because the knowledge gained while studying biology helps to understand the regularities of life and form certain ideas about life.


Assoc. prof. Līga Ozoliņa-Molla