The University of Latvia Department of Information Technology would like to remind you that the process of the UL e-mail system transfer - migration - will begin on 13.09.2019. In this letter, we have compiled the most important information you should know and follow until the migration process is completed.

To make the process more understandable, we have divided it into three stages - Pre-Migration, Migration Process, Post-Migration. By Friday of this week, it is important to complete the steps outlined in the Pre-Migration section below.

Pre-Migration (until 13.09, 22:00)
  * your task as users to export your private contact list at and save it to computer, flash or other data carrier
  * avoid renaming email folders and moving emails or folders
  * students must save OneDrive content (folders and files) on a computer, flash or other data carrier

Migration Process (from 13.09. 22:00 to 16.09 7:00)
UL email will be unavailable
  * you will not be able to send and receive UL email
  * the contents of the current UL email account are automatically transferred to the new email system
  * Incoming email messages will be stored and you will receive them after the migration process is complete

Post-Migration (from 16.09, 7:00)
  * access to UL email will be provided on the web at a new address, you will be able to access it from anywhere in the world with an internet connection
  * log into your email with a new email username (, your password remains unchanged
  * you must ensure the historical data is available in the new email system
  * users of other email clients (MS Outlook, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, etc.) have to make configuration changes 
* importing private contacts of  from a previously saved file into the new email system.

Information and Support
  * information available at
  * persons responsible for this process at the structural units
  * further information at or ask questions via email:
  * Department of Information Technology contact tel.: 67034994, 67034993